Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is QProject?

QProject AKA Programs and Project Planning Monitoring System is a customized system designed to monitor movement of budget and fund for projects and programs of an LGU (Local Government Unit). Primary users are Budget Office, Engineering Department and the City Planning Development Coordinating office.  It is maintained by Budget Office Personnel. 

Key functionalities of the system are as follows:

1.    Appropriation – Add/Shows the appropriation amount of projects in a year.
2.    Allocation – Add/Shows the allocation amount for projects which can be filtered quarterly or with a specific date range.
3.    Reports Generation –PPPMS generates reports for Appropriation, Allocation, Daily Transaction Reports, Projects, Status, and Summary.  

Available reports are the following:
      •    Appropriation Report – Print out the appropriation for the project which can be filtered by year.
      •    Allocation Report – Print out the allocation for the project which can be filtered by year, quarter, and date range.
      •    Daily Reports – Print out Obligation Requests/ Transactions done in a certain date range.
      •    Project Reports – Print out Programs in a certain date range (this is used for information purposes only).
      •    Status Report – Print out Status of Appropriation, Allocation, Total Obligation, and Unobligated Fund for the projects in specific format. Particulars (can be identified as project) are listed with their corresponding amount.
      •    Summary Report – Print out Summary for Appropriation, Allocation, Total Obligation, and Unobligated Fund for the projects in general format. FPP (Function/Program/Project as Capital Outlay, MMOE, and Personal Service) are listed with the total corresponding amount of their particulars. It is basically the summary of Status Report.

The fund is taken from four (4) sources;  1.  Twenty (20) Percent Development Fund  2. General Fund  3. Calamity Fund and  4. Special Education Fund.

The system is developed using Visual C# language and runs on Microsoft .Net Framework Version 3.5 with MS SQL SERVER 2005 as its database.

Available plug-in modules include: 
Accounting System, Personnel Management Information System

Qproject is another quality software from Qtech, an IT solutions provider.